kevin hart (tmz screenshot)*Kevin Hart has been released from lockdown for his early Sunday morning DUI and resisting arrest charge.

On the way out of the jail facility, he spoke candidly to a TMZ videographer about the incident. Interestingly, he’s disputing the CHP’s report about him almost hitting a gas tanker.

When asked what happened, he readily confessed.

“I got arrested for resisting arrest last night, DUI …”

When told about the arrest report that says he driving in excess of 90 miles an hour and a;lmost his the tanker, Kevin hart responded …

“I don’t think it was a gas tanker on the freeway. No, what happened was I got pulled last night and they gave me the whole tests … passed the tests. Officers gave me a breathalyzer … failed the breathalyzer, I said it’s fine, I’m drunk, I get it. Do what you gotta do.”

He continued recounting what he told the arresting officers …

“My girl is with me, just make sure she gets home safe. That dude told her she’s gotta figure it out.”

When asked about the resisting arrest part, Kevin said …

Officer tried to put handcuffs on my wrist … and I said wait, let me take my watch off. He said you’re resisting arrest. I said, stop, let me take my watch off. ‘You’re resisting arrest!’ Then he threw me down … I laughed at it, though”

Hmm, in other words, the officer either had no clue as to Hart was or didn’t give a rat’s arse.

Watch Kevin hart recount what happened: