*Trouble seems to do wonders for celebrities’ careers.

Look at T.I. After he got locked up, he became exceedingly more popular than he was before.

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister, the rapper admitted life changed for the better after going to prison.

“I must acknowledge that I’m a whole lot more popular now,” said T.I., who made it a point to state that he was not glamorizing prison. “When you’re on CNN and MSNBC and all that kind of stuff…I can’t buy that kind of publicity.”

He added,  “However, if I had to do it all again, I would definitely give it all back.”

In other T.I. news, the Grammy-winning rapper is announcing plans to drop a new mixtape called “G.D.O.D.: The Introduction” within the next four weeks. T.I. broke the news in an interview with West Coast hip-hop personality DJ Skee and promised to deliver the project before this summer.

“This is breaking news, breaking news, hold all the presses, man, everything must stop,” Tip said in an interview with DJ Skee. “Hustle Gang mixtape, G.D.O.D: The Introduction coming soon, man. Give me four weeks to put it together and speaking on behalf of all Hustle Gang affiliates and artists, that go for Shad Da God, that go for Trae Tha Truth, that go for B.o.B., that go for Iggy Azalea, that go for Travis Scott, yah mean?

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