scary movie 5 (katt williams)

Katt Williams stars in the Dimensions Film presentation of Scary Movie 5.

*The newest installment to the “Scary Movie” franchise staggered into theaters Friday.

Critics have already called it a bust.  In fact, the at this weekend’s box office, it’s getting slammed by “42

And for the umpteenth time, there has been a director-change. In fact, this marks the third occasion in which the butt in director’s chair doesn’t belong to Keenan Ivory Wayans. He along with his younger siblings Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans are responsible for creating the series back in 2000. Also, many might argue that despite a talented cast, it was Marlon and Shawn’s contributions that ultimately made films 1 and 2 into major box-offices hits.

The original “Scary Movie,” directed by Keenan, was the highest grossing film ever carried out by an African-American director ($157,019,771 domestically). Scary movie 2 garnered similar box-office success. Combined the movies generated $818 million worldwide.

However, post Wayans, the series has faltered in both quality and box-office appeal. Scary Movie’s “3” and “4” collapsed under the standards set forth by their predecessors, resulting in the rapid decline of ticket sales both domestic international. Even with a revamped storyline, “Scary Movie 5” doesn’t appear to be the start of new beginnings for the comedy saga. It does feature a black director (Malcolm D. Lee) this time around. Maybe he should give Keenan a call for some advice for the inevitable sixth project—assuming he’s still at the helm.