Chris Tucker*Way to go Chris!

Funnyman and actor Chris Tucker has been making moves to get rid of his staggering $12 million tax burden. He recently cut a check for almost a milli to pay down on the debt.

As we’ve been reporting, the IRS says Tucker owes over $11.5 million in unpaid taxes from a slew of years. On top of that, the state of Georgia claims he owes $590,000 from 2007. All totaled, he owes over $12 million.

The comedian/actor paid off the GA state tax lien as well as another GA tax lien no one even knew he had.

Here’s what it looks like:

1.  $592,594.82 for 2007 — PAID
2.  $392,332.16 for 2006 — PAID

So far Mr. Tucker has paid $985.028.98 towards paying off that $12 million tax total.