craig robinson*Poor Craig Robinson. Brother man is a really nice guy, but he’s having a crappy week, career wise.

First, “Peeples,” his debut as a leading man, flops at the box office. Now, we learn his TV pilot is not being picked up by NBC.

First announced as a possibility last fall, in January of this year, NBC gave a pilot order to a new comedy series from “The Office” executive producer Greg Daniels, penned by Owen Ellickson (supervising producer for The Office), and starring funnyman/actor Craig Robinson, says

Written to follow a talented musician who begins a new path in life as a music teacher. But he quickly learns that being a teacher comes with all of its own temptations, like single mothers.

Larenz Tate and Amandla Stenberg were set to co-star. Tate was to play Craig’s brother and band mate in a band called The Filthy Gentleman.

Amandla was to play a spunky 8th grader with a desire to sing. But she doesn’t have the talent for it. So she asks Craig, the teacher for help.

The show looked like it had great promise, but NBC may not like black people enough for that. Just kidding.