*A Houston screening of Kanye West’s “New Slaves” video was shut down on Friday night, the Houston Chronicle reports.

West planned to show projections of the video in 66 public spaces around the world on Friday night, including three Houston locations. However, the showing at the Rothko Chapel was shut down before it even began.

Cops rolled up and ordered the gathering crowd to disperse or be arrested for trespassing. The screening’s premature end apparently wasn’t because of an unruly crowd; according to the Chronicle, those gathered were excited, yet respectful.

The two other Houston screening locations (at the George Bush Monument and the Central Library ) had issues, too. Technical difficulties apparently hampered one location, while another was a no-show entirely, with fan Janet Quiroa revealing to the newspaper that the only entertainment was having sprinklers come on and “obnoxious people screaming Kanye threats.”

Kanye West's video for "New Slaves" is projected onto the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, May 24, 2013

Kanye West’s video for “New Slaves” is projected onto the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, May 24, 2013

West debuted “New Slaves” last week in a similar fashion, with building projections around the world. A full map of screenings (was posted on West’s website.

Houston’s projections were part of the second wave of screenings in preparation for his new album, “Yeezus,” which is set for a June 18 release.

Watch the Toronto screening of “New Slaves” and Ye’s performance of the song on “Saturday Night Live” below.