malcolm barrett*Brooklyn-born Malcolm Barrett has had many roles on the large and small screen, but what he’s recognized the most for is being a dead ringer for Dave Chappelle.

In fact, his resemblance to the comedian came in handy when it was time to promote his last film, “Tyler Perry Presents Peeples,” during a shopping mall appearance with his co-stars Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, Tyler James Williams and Kali Hawk.

“We each got recognized, and they’re like, ‘Oh snap! And they’re with Dave Chappelle! This movie is gonna be great,’” Barrett recalls fans shouting. “This movie’s gonna be huge. Dave Chappelle’s in there with the ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ guy and ‘The Office’ dude? It’s gonna be huge. Did you come back from Africa to do this movie?”

Below, Barrett (alongside his “Peeples” co-stars Hawk and Williams) tells us about the time he came face to face with Chappelle.