oj simpson*O.J. Simpson has to be a prison pro by now.

The man has spent so many years behind bars and in and out of courts that it seems he’d have a degree or some kind of consolation prize for the time he’s spent dealing with the law.

The former NFL hero finished up a second day of hearings in Las Vegas in hopes of convincing the judge that his former lawyer was careless during his 2008 robbery case that landed him in prison.

He says the lawyer gave him bad advice and now he’s serving a 9 to 33 year prison sentence.

Basically, Simpson’s asking the court to free him on the basis of bad legal representation. But it’s unlikely the judge will forget his robbery with a deadly weapon.

Understanding the obstacles ahead of him, O.J. thinks he can sway the court with his own testimony.

“He has to. He’s making certain allegations about communications with his lawyer, and why he did and did not do things, and that he didn’t get a plea offer, and that he thought it was OK to go to the hotel room and do these things” said Laurie Levenson, a Loyola University law professor who was a commentator during Simpson’s 1995 trial and has observed his Las Vegas trial. “If he wants to succeed on his petition, he has to do it.”