lil wayne

*Lil Wayne loves him some controversy. The rapper was escorted out of Miami’s infamous strip club, King of Diamonds, Monday night after getting into a scuffle with Trick Daddy.

Allegedly enraged that Weezy didn’t “check in” before their gathering, because apparently that’s what grown men do with other grown men, Trick Daddy, the self proclaimed “Mayor of Dade County,” barreled into the club with an entourage of 40-50 other Miamians. His goal… get Wayne.


Their interaction went totally south and turned into a scuffle, allegedly after Trick threw a cigarette in the rapper’s face.

An opportunity lost for Weezy, maybe. He, along with YMCMB president Mack Maine were scheduled to host the grand reopening of the KOD, but uh… they may need to get a new guy for this job.

In the meantime, neither Trick or Tunechi took to Twitter about the incident but KOD did their PR thing to diffuse the gossip.

“YMCMB in the Building!!!!! No worries…,” which prompted the following response from @KOD_miami , “trick daddy in the house n—-s betta watch they mouth! #slopnslide #f—lilwayne #f—kod #tootsiesallday.”

Now about why the “Mayor” decided to decend upon Weezy in the club is because he’s got a “no-tolerance” policy against him after his anti-Miami rant on 99JAMZ radio in February.

“If anybody don’t like it they can die tonight,” Trick said. “I don’t care who be offended by what I say. I rep my city and want nobody disrespecting. We’ve got to stick together as radio, as artists, as DJs and fans who love the music as a whole. That’s what makes a community. Me and Luke been talking, we’ve been getting together, we’re going to find out some type of way to get this thing back on the road — I can’t go nowhere else, this is my home. So from now on, when they get here, they’re going to have to start checking in.”

Are grown men still acting territorial in places they have no real, legal authority? #toodamnoldforthat.