Stan Sheppard

Stan Sheppard

*Born and raised on 79th Street in the heart of Chicago’s South Side, entertainment industry executive Stan Sheppard has seen the carnage of gang violence from a front row seat since childhood. He was also the child that was raised by one of the most powerful and controversial Black Music figures in the United States.

In a explosive new documentary, book and upcoming film entitled “Two Six And Eleven Don’t Matter,” Stan Sheppard chronicles the rise and his involvement in Chicago’s first Black street gang on  79th Street, which 35 years later is still a hotbed of murder and mayhem in the current street wars going on in the city. Sheppard’s story will also for the first time give the behind the scenes look at how Black Music started in the United States and how he eventually escaped Chicago’s deadly streets to go on to work with the world famous Jackson family, write and produce R&B hit records that sold over 11 million albums and launch an extremely successful Rap Music label.

The development of this project was born out of a meeting that Stan Sheppard had with Black Entertainment Television’s creative representative Donna Michelle Anderson in the company’s New York City offices.

Sheppard was initially going to have the project tell the story about his father’s rise and power in the Black Music business, but when Donna Michelle Anderson fully understood the details of the story, she suggested that the story should be written over and it should be about “his life instead of his father’s”

Sheppard took Mrs. Anderson’s advise and the process was started. Sheppard is currently working with his close business associate, Greg Anderson, who wrote and developed the mega hit movie “Stomp The Yard.” When contacted, Anderson stated, “Stan and I have a very tight relationship and when he talked with me about this project and I understood how special this is, I immediately consented to be involved”

The documentary should be completed by October 2013 and will be released by “Leppards Wish Entertainment.”

Sheppard is also preparing a very special compilation album that he is doing with the nationally known civil rights advocate/priest “Father Michael Pfleger” which will benefit the families in Chicago who have lost loved ones to senseless acts of gang violence.

The album is entitled “Inner City Dreams” and it will feature original performances from numerous multi-platinum Rap and R&B stars as well as developing stars from across the country. The funds raised will go to Father Pfleger’s foundation called “Purpose Over Pain” which is an organization comprised of parents who have lost children and family members to gang violence. The money that is raised will pay for the funerals, burials and hospital costs for these victims.

A new song off of the upcoming project entitled “KNOCK KNOCK” has been produced by the multi-platinum Hip Hop producer “D J Battlecat” and it features the incredible performance of the spoken word artist “Daniel Beatty” from HBO’S Def Poetry Jam” (Listen to “KNOCK KNOCK” below.)

The song is a story about a young boy who loses his father as he was growing up to the prison system and the pain it caused him in life. Taste makers from across the country who have heard this shout “this is what Rap should reflect and talk about and every radio station that wants to see the violence stop should support this song!”

The album “Inner City Dreams” will be released digitally in October 2013.

To reach Stan Sheppard email : [email protected]