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*NBC’s “The Voice” kicks off a three-nighter tonight with the top 16 competing live for viewer votes.

It’s been an emotional ride for the contestants thus far, and the show’s Social Media Correspondent Christina Milian has been riding shotgun alongside the singers through every step of the process – from the auditions through the battle rounds.

It’s a gig that has her emotionally spent.

“There was excitement for those who are getting off stage for the first time when they find out they’re going to be on the show, to the moments where I’m interviewing the two artists that just finished their battle round, and one artist is staying and the other one is going,” Milian told us during interviews for the show. “You’re dealing with different types of emotions from the one that’s staying, the one that’s going, I’ve seen it all.”

milian adam levine

The Voice: Christina Milian interviews judge/mentor Adam Levine during auditions (April 2, 2013)

Milian says her role backstage has expanded beyond just sending out tweets and pics on Instagram. “It goes more into how I’m gonna find that connection between that person that’s watching the TV screen and them finding that love and passion for the artist and the coaches,” she says.

The singer/actress – and mom to 3-year-old daughter Violet with producer The Dream – also says part of her job is to calm down newly-booted contestants whose dreams have been crushed.

“It’s a way of handling it that I’ve learned that is nurturing to them,” she says. “Just giving a nice piece of advice on their way out. I also believe it’s not the end, so it’s also giving that sense of encouragement that hey, you’ve made it this far. This is not the end. There’s more to go.”

Below, Milian talks about the instability she’s been through in the business, and how it also helps her to connect to the contestants.