amanda bynes (mug-shot)

Amanda Bynes mugshot

*Wait, wasn’t there a time when we all liked Amanda Bynes?

All of us grew up watching her on Nickelodeon – she was that precocious little moppet from All That and The Amanda Show who had a SNL-veteran’s comic timing and sensibility. She was going to be a big star, we all thought.  and those actually entertaining early movies of hers (like What a Girl Wants and Easy A) only showcased her talent.

So, what in the hell happened to her? Bynes life has just become some sort of sad, bizarre train wreck, beginning with an avalanche of DUIs and hit-and-runs and culminating in the last week with a few strange and downright disturbing Twitter attacks on celebrities, like Chrissy Tiegen and Rihanna. The girl has obviously fallen right off the deep end and straight through the foundation of the pool.

It’s gone from being shocking to just sad and strange – something that seems to happen to society’s child stars far too often. The good news? There’s precedent for someone coming back from this type of meltdown – after all, who can forget that Britney Spears once did this and now is on the cover of Shape magazine, looking like she could bench-press Schwarzenegger in his prime. Of course, there’s also precedent for someone going the other way. Lindsay Lohan still hasn’t recovered from her recent meltdown, as this captivating New York Times article details.

Let’s hope, for Bynes’ sake, that her career ends up in the Britney category and not the Lindsay one. However…judging on what we have seen recently, we – unfortunately – doubt that this is going to have one of those happy endings.