Kelly Rowland*Kelly Rowland is a fighter. In her new single, “Dirty Laundry,” Rowland sings about being in an abusive relationship, her strength to move and grow, as well as her love for Beyonce.

In an interview with “omg! Insider,” the 32-year-old Destiny Child‘s member tells Kevin Frazier that she suffered emotional abuse from an ex-boyfriend — who remains unidentified by Rowland — when she was much younger. She also said that her ex has since changed as a person.

“A piece of me would just go away every time he would say something,” she said. “I’ll never forget those things. I’ll forgive him … he’s a different person now but it was things to tear me down as a person, as a woman.”

She added: “I was just so young and allowed him to do those things to me.”

In the song, Rowland sings some pretty powerful lyrics, including the lines: “I was battered / He hitting the window like it was me, until it shattered / He pulled me out, he said, ‘Don’t nobody love you but me / Not your mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey.'”

Rowland also admits being envious of her Destiny’s Child bandmate and best friend Beyonce in “Dirty Laundry,” but explained that she harbors no ill will.

“I love my sister. [Beyoncé] is so incredibly supportive. [She is] one of the closest people to me,” she told Frazier, also adding that Beyonce had approved of the track prior to its release.