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Bridget Boyd

*85% of Americans are using Dating Websites to find their soul mate.

Over and over again we hear the stories of online dating. You have to ask yourself, what is the draw? Why do millions of people keep trying it?

New Author, Bridget Boyd explores the very question in her new novel, “Love On the Net.” Her book is a story of four women looking for their Mr. Right and in some cases their Mr. Right Now.

The women find themselves as victims of identity theft, conned by a 13-year old pretending to be an adult male and even in a heated argument with one man’s mother. But for whatever reason they won’t give up.

They all feel they need to keep hitting SEND to find the man of their dreams.

The Book Launched in Houston, Tx. March 17, 2013. The response has been very good. The author has been doing numerous online and XM radios shows discussing the topic of online dating.

Bridget Boyd is a resident of Houston, Tx contact her at [email protected] about speaking engagements and book signings. Copies can be purchased on

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