alfredo angulo vs erislandy lara

Alfredo Angulo vs Erislandy Lara

*In a night where we saw a couple of upsets, there were exciting matches around the world from Carson, California to Montreal, Canada.

First, we go to Carson, Calif., where we saw a very game Alfredo Angulo go against Erislandy Lara in a match that was made in paradise.

These two guys went at each other with bad intentions on their minds, and I got to tell you folks, had this one not got stopped at 1:50 into the tenth, we may have seen a quite different outcome than what occurred.

You see even though Lara was out boxing Angulo throughout the bout, it became apparent that he couldn’t quite deal with Angulo’s power. And as the fight progressed, Angulo’s left hook was finding it’s target as he dropped Lara not once, but twice in this affair that was scheduled for twelve, but ended at 1:50 in the tenth, as Angulo called it quits after getting hit with a shot over his left eye that may have a broken orbital bone.

It’s apparent that something bothered him so much so, that he just stopped fighting when that happened.

He was sent to UCLA Harbor General Hospital afterwards and examined there in the emergency room.

As of press time we’re still waiting for word on the severity of the injury that was suffered.

We certainly hope that he turns out okay. Angulo is a true warrior, and is battle tested, and this writer believes that he deserves another shot.

The Marcos Maidana vs Josesito Lopez match up was the main event of this boxing spectacular at the Home Depot Center, and boy did we see a fight.

I came away from this one more impressed with Maidana than I had before. Because he really showed me that even though he at times was getting battered by Lopez, he displayed superb boxing ability and power in both hands.

And it was this combination of speed and power that enabled him to pour it on so much so, that the referee stepped in to call a halt to the bout at 1:15 into the seventh, and rightly so because Lopez was receiving too much punishment at that time.

Nevertheless, he has nothing to be ashamed of, for he did in fact fight like a champion.

In other boxing news, everyone is asking the question, what happen to “Bad” Chad Dawson?

He was knocked out with one punch at 1 minute and some change in the first by Adonis Stevenson up in Montreal, Canada last Saturday night in what was clearly an upset of the year. I’m not sure that his future is so bright now that he not the champion anymore. As I always say, we’ll see what happens.

On the under card, Yuriokis Gamboa did pretty well for himself  as he won a unanimous decision against Darley Perez.

He scored a knockdown in the first and after that, this bout was all his. He now has captured three WBA titles in three divisions, and we would love to see more of him.

And finally folks, Bob Arum announced at the Beverly Hills Hotel today the signing to Top Rank the 2012 Japanese Olympic Gold Medalist, Ryota Murata.  This kid captured the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics that was held in London.

I understand that this was the first gold medal that was won by a Japanese fighter since Takao Sakurai captured it in Tokyo 1964.He seems to be a very bright kid ( and pretty big too, I might add)
Bob was quoted as saying, “He can become a superstar in the sport because of his personality.” And that “I think he has a great future, and I believe he will win a championship in three years.”

As I always say, we’ll see what happens.

We certainly can’t wait to see Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley go against Juan Manuel Marquez in October.

This one I think is a perfect and even match, and it should be a dandy.

That’s all for now, we’ll talk later.

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Mohammed Mubarak

Mohammed Mubarak