stephon-marbury*Stephon Marbury has some splainin’ to do.

Around 2006, the former NBA point guard pulled a Schwarzenegger and started banging the help on the regular, despite being married to his current wife Latasha, reports show.

The affair fizzled out that same year. However, Marbury still owes his former jump-off, and personal chef, more than $300,000 in hush-money.

Thurayyah Mitchell, who apparently specializes in poaching sausage, claims that Marbury originally agreed to pay her $900,000 for the cover-up (yikes).

At that price, he could’ve purchased a unicorn, scored a couple pounds of blow, and hired several top-dollar hookers who would’ve gladly kept their mouths shut about the matter (after performing with their mouths open, of course.) Oh well, looks like some guys have to learn the hard way.

Mitchell says that she has only received $600,000 from Marbury thus far. That leaves several thousands of unpaid cash up for grabs. According to sources, Mitchell filed a lawsuit against Marbury, demanding that he pay the remainder of his tab (pun intended).

Marbury went to court as well, claiming that Mitchell’s court filing was a breach of the contract they had agreed upon. On Feb. 1, a judge took Mitchell’s side and granted her the remaining $331, 584.50, plus interest.

Four months have passed and Mitchell claims she has not seen one red cent of the court-ordered monies, according to TMZ. She is reportedly going for Marbury’s jugular, demanding that a court force him to hand over his Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and to liquidate some of his assets in order to settle his tab with her. A court date for the dueling pair is set for June 17.

Here’s some food for thought: now that Marbury’s skeletons are exposed, do you think his wife will ponder a divorce? (Assuming she never knew about the affair.)

In other words, two scorned women may be in for a payday real soon. He might need to get back on the court. What’s the veteran’s minimum these days?