waka flaka flame*Waka Flocka Flame has millions of fans.

No, wait.

Let’s not get carried away.

We’re honest here at EURweb.

Let’s start over.

The Atlanta (ahem) rapper has a handful of fans here and there. He may also have a few supporters scattered about overseas (hey, anything is possible right?).

But in the case of 53- year-old Dianne, being a Waka Flocka fan is about making sacrifices.

Sacrifice #1: Her marriage.

According to theGrio, Dianne, who has asked for her last name to remain unpublished, is a social media advisor who recently discovered her love for hip-hop music after she became acquainted with rapper Waka Flocka Flame through Twitter.

After growing an appreciation for Waka’s connection with his followers on the social media site, Dianne became one of his biggest supporters – but her husband was not a fan.

However, it was not until Dianne heard that Waka was holding a concert in a nearby city that her husband admitted he did not support her appreciation for rap, or her desire to attend the event.

The ensuing arguments ultimately led to the couple’s divorce.

“There was no way I could have missed that concert, I had to go,” Diane told theGrio in a phone interview Tuesday morning. “It was a defining moment in our marriage. I had been giving more than I was taking and this was one thing I did not want to compromise on. I just wanted to go to a rap concert.”

Dianne expressed emotional discontent on her blog Deep Commotion – which includes various rap reviews and features on young, up-and-coming artists in the genre.

Dianne also admitted that her exchange with Waka via Twitter “changed her life,” and she went into detail about how attending the concert put “a nail in the coffin” of her previous marriage.

She wrote:

“My ex NEVER liked rap, my interest in rap & rap artists, or my blogging about rap. When I knew Waka was coming to Ft. Lauderdale, my husband basically said he wouldn’t prevent me from going (as if) but he didn’t want me to go. When I didn’t immediately agree not to go, things got worse. He basically implied that (and I’m paraphrasing) “many black men would be putting their bodies in close proximity to mine.” Also, “since I was so enamored of Waka, if Waka asked, I might go out clubbing with him and end up doing something I’d regret.”

Dianne continued,  “He had a little touch of racism there and tried to dissuade me from going by saying it would be all African-Americans and that it would only be African-American men hitting on me,”

Despite her ex-husbands wishes, Dianne attended the concert and even paid extra money for a T-shirt and the opportunity to meet the rapper backstage for a quick photo.

“I was so thrilled! It really made my night, my week, my year, my decade,” she wrote in her post.

Aside from her love for Waka Flocka Flame, Dianne says she has always been a music lover and also enjoys songs from artists including 50 cent, Flo Rida and Pit Bull, among others.