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*LA (Motown Alumni Association): Greetings! Detroiter Glo Taylor has done it again!!!

This past Saturday afternoon, close to 200 folks gathered at the Cheviot Hills Recreation Center in West LA to celebrate the 36th annual Detroiters & Michiganders/L.A. Picnic.

A fabulous time was had by all as families, friends, networkers, et. al. fired up the grills, put on the music box, Bid Whist and dominoes, threw horseshoes, sang karoke led by Dave Spright, danced and did many, many other things to have some grand funnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

There was even a “Circle of Love” as folks held hands and said a prayer for the current Detroit fiscal problems. Taylor had nothing but praise for all the folks who came out, saying she alone would have never been able to pull it off without the help of a band of volunteers who got on the phone and made lots of calls.

There were even some first-timers at the event (including me) and we promise that we’ll be back next year. Bless all who attended, as the event brought back many, many memories of days gone by in Detroit (aka MOTOWN)….From the moment folks arrived until the time that they left, they all said: “Thank you Glo Taylor!!! Girl, we had a great time.” Visit:

Check out the pics below and above by photographer Marcus Milton:

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Gloria Taylor makes announcements

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(L-R) Ron Brewington, Motown Alumni Association V.P.; former Motowner Andy Harland, Jr.;
Marvin Marshall, Motown Music Director/Guitarist and EURweb columnist/songwriter Larry Buford