chaka khan*Legendary singer Chaka Khan will appear in her hometown of Chicago this weekend in honor of the unveiling of her very own street, “Chaka Khan Way.”

Khan is just now resuming her performance obligations after being off last month for vocal rest. The celebration will add to the number of events honoring the singer’s 40th anniversary of her entertainment career, which includes the release of her opus “The iKhan Project.”

The Huffington Post did an interview with the R&B icon to discusss her homecoming, her stance on boycotting Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law and stopping gun violence in Chicago.

How does it feel to have your very own street named after you?

I feel like, now I’ve finally made it [Laughs], It’s a big thing. Especially for a city like Chicago wanting to name a street after me. I think it’s really, really special to me.

Early last month you were on hiatus due to vocal rest. How are you currently feeling?

It was just my voice. My voice doctor had said that I was working too much. He said, ‘just take a rest for a minute.’ So I did. And I’m so much better…we started to book my gigs with a little more compassion. I’m not working three or four nights in a row anymore.

What’s the latest status of your new album, “The iKhan Project”?

We’re just about finished. I have to go in and redo some vocals. That’s about it. It won’t be long. And it’s so good. It’s worth the wait.

Last year you recorded a musical tribute in memory of Trayvon Martin. What are your thoughts on the controversy surrounding George Zimmerman’s trial and race relations in America?

Well the trial, number one was a travesty. Racism is still very much alive and well in this country. It has gone to more of a cerebral state. But it’s alive and well. The new slavery is keeping black men in jail.

Are you planning on participating in any additional tributes or projects in honor of Trayvon?

Well I am boycotting Florida. I had a booking there last week and I cancelled it. But if any tribute comes up I’ll do it. Absolutely.

In addition to the trial making headlines, your hometown of Chicago is also in the news for its recent string of gun violence. What’s your assessment on the situation? 

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