great migration chicago1*Don Lemon has caught a lot of flack over his words and/or “instructive tone” aimed at the African American community lately.

The EUR reported various stories that stemmed from Lemon’s “five-point” list he used to “fix” the ills that he described as “plaguing the community”.

But to add insult to injury, Lemon patted Bill O’Reilly on his back for his remarks in reference to the death of Trayvon Martin and the racial conversation that has ensued since the verdict.

Lemon gave a list of five things on his show Talking Points that black folks should consider so that a healing can begin:

1) Stop sagging your pants! 2) Stop using the N-word! 3) Respect where you live 4) Finish school  5) Stop having babies out of wedlock!

Well, we’ve decided to take it one step further, Lemon!  We have found a list on to completely fix the black community.

In fact, we have our suspicions that you might even be behind this satirical list.

We feel that this list may give you the same satisfaction as Bill O’Reilly’s take on what our problem really is.