George Zimmerman*Hmm, here’s an interesting tidbit.

According to TMZ, George Zimmerman was hauled over for speeding and yes, he had a gun with him.

The stop happened in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just after noon.  Zimmerman told police that he was headed “nowhere in particular” and informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment.

And since he didn’t have any warrants (oh yes he does … just not from police authorities), Zimmerman was given a warning and sent on his merry way with a polite goodbye, “Have a safe trip.”

The stop lasted around 5 minutes.

TMZ says the police say Zman was NOT wearing a disguise. It was full blown George Zimmerman.

Watch video of the stop below:

(If you don’t see the above video on your mobile device, click here.)