dmx mugshot (07-13)*Would you believe he’s done it again?

Yes you would believe it because his name is … DMX!

Now that you know his name, you automatically know what he did. Yes, he got arrested … again.

This time the scene was South Carolina. Yes, he’s been busted here before. This time for DUI. Says TMZ

Highway patrol picked up DMX — real name Earl Simmons — Friday around 3 AM ET for allegedly driving under the influence.

X was in and out of the Greenville County Detention Center pretty quickly … around 4 AM ET. He’s experienced.

DMX has more than a dozen arrests under his belt now — and was last busted in February for driving without a license, also in South Carolina where he lives now.

FUN FACT: DMX, 42, was NOT arrested … at all … in 2012.

Yes, hard to believe isn’t it?