the real*The hosts of the new hit talk show “The Real” open up about their personal experiences with being bullied, new moms Tamar and Tamera discuss breastfeeding their children and Tamar shares how to land  man with her “Get ‘Em Girl Recipe.”

On Being Bullied

“I think that she’s {Paris Jackson’s} having a hard time dealing with her father’s death. But then I heard a little inside scoop that it could have to do with her being bullied at school….Now I was bullied in school. I never got to the point where I was going to hurt myself. But it was very, very tough…and then you feel like you don’t have a voice or you can’t go home and speak to your parents,” Tamar shared.

Loni: …How were you bullied?

Tamar: Girl, people used to be like ooo you think you’re cute cause you’re switch. Or you think you’re cute cause you can sing. Or you think you’re hot cause your sister won six Grammys. But what’s that got to do with me? OK?

Tamera: How did you handle that because I got bullied too and I had my twin sister with me so that helped me out a lot.

Tamar: Really?

Tamera: People didn’t want to fight both of us.

Tamar: Yea, they wanted to fight me. I got jumped a couple times. That’s what  taught me how to fight. You know, I used to get jumped and stuff.

Loni: Did your sisters help you? Ain’t you the baby?

Tamar: Not in school, but out of school they did…

Tamera: So maybe this is Paris’ way of dealing with the pressure and the bullying…

Adrienne: I also think that she’s really involved in social media…social media is not your therapist. You know what I mean? She’s reaching out on Twitter but that doesn’t help….

Loni: Let me tell you all something, when you’re uncle is Jermaine Jackson, you’re going to have some problems….

Tamar and Tamera on Breastfeeding & Mayim Bialik Breastfeeding Her Four-and-a-Half Year Old Son

Tamera: Now I wanted to nurse my son until he was one. Why are you looking at me like that?

Tamar: Because four-and-a half-years-old, you can order chicken fingers, that’s not cool….

Tamera: I do think four-and-a-half is a bit extreme but I would go to one, one and a half because seriously it’s the best….

Tamar: Girl, I hear what you saying but once they have teeth, all bets are off. I’m not doing that. You’re not biting me up…

Loni: …Are you breastfeeding?

Tamar: I did it for 3 and a half weeks. That ain’t for me. It was just a lot. Always got to pull them out and they leaking and that ain’t cute over my clothes. The formula is just fine.  There’s nothing wrong with the formula. I think he likes that better anyway….

Tamar’s Get ‘Em Girl Recipe

While Tamar leads her co-hosts in a cooking demo on how to land a man, she also shares about her marriage proposal. Watch:

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