*”I need an ambulance,” says the breathless caller in the 911 call placed for Usher’s son, Raymond V.

The boy, 5, who is said to have been under the care of his aunt, Rena Oden, was caught in the drain of a pool as he went after a toy.

“My nephew was in the pool … and I couldn’t get him … I couldn’t get him…” says Oden. “Oh…”

The dispatcher urges her to “stay with me” and to “breathe.”

The aunt says, “They’re doing CPR on him now.” Two male employees working at the house were able to free the little boy.

“Is he coming around?” she can be heard asking someone else.

“He’s breathing,” she says.

TMZ reports that Usher’s ex, Tameka Raymond, has filed documents in Fulton County, Ga., asking for custody of their two boys, Raymond V and Naviyd Ely, 4.