If Tavis Smiley and Cornel West don’t have anything constructive to add to the national debate, they really need to shut up. They’ve lost all respect from over 90% of the black community, yet, they continue to run their mouths in what seems to be a vain attempt to salvage any vestige of relevance that they might have left. But in the process they’re only succeeding in coming off like the snake that bites itself after having it’s head cut off.

With respect to the fiftieth commemoration of the March on Washington, Cornel West is quoted as saying the following:

“We had very low quality leadership today on the stage. We saw bona fide apologists for the Obama administration. There was no serious talk about Wall Street. There was no serious talk about the new Jim Crow, no serious talk about drones, no serious talk about the U.S. security state, no serious talk about the massive surveillance state. It was about just voters’ rights and maybe some vague reference to jobs. Martin Luther King Jr. turns over in his grave. He turns over in his grave.”

“It was JUST about voters’ rights and maybe some vague reference to jobs!!!!?” Is the man insane? Voters’ rights is the very foundation of this democracy! And when he and Tavis Smiley were out hawking their books during their so-called poverty tour – which seemed to disappear as soon as the election was over – “jobs” seemed to be the most important word in their vocabulary. So why is the subject of jobs lest than important today?

The fact is, the United States is currently knee-deep in a CLASS WAR. The corpo-Republican coalition doesn’t care any more about poor and middle-class White people than they do Blacks, women, gays, or Hispanics. They have a vested interest in keeping the American people miserable, angry, and divided in order to prevent us from coming together to mount an effective response to their agenda, which is to lower the American middle-class standard of living to conform to the new global economy. Therefore, anyone whose primary animus is to promote division in America without ever putting forward any constructive solutions to address our problems should be looked upon with deep suspicion, and that includes Tavis Smiley and Cornel West.

We should also take into account their history and associations. Tavis Smiley is closely associated with numerous ALEC-associated corporations such as Walmart, Exxon/Mobile, Nationwide Insurance, and Wells Fargo Bank, and the ALEC Consortium is leaving no stone unturned to promote national policies that are directly focused toward undermining the interests of the poor and minority, including obstructing our right to vote.

Smiley was also involved in the Wells Fargo “Ghetto Loan” scam, where Wells Fargo Bank agreed to pay $175 million to settle the discrimination suit which, according to the Department of Justice, targeted over 30,000 Black and Hispanic borrowers for subprime loans with a higher interest rate than for similarly situated White borrowers between 2004 and 2009. According to the Department of Justice, it was the second largest housing discrimination case in United States history (http://wattree.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-question-for-both-tavis-smiley-and.html).

As for Cornel West, he joined forces with Ralph Nader in the 2000 Presidential Election to help get George W. Bush elected. Bush became President of the United States by winning the state of Florida by 537 votes. In that same state, the Nader/West coalition tore away 97,488 votes from Vice President Al Gore. So when we consider the fact that our current economic condition is a direct result of the economic policies of the Bush administration, Cornel West is more than just a little responsible for the very conditions that he’s now complaining about (http://www.uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/state.php?year=2000&fips=12)  . . .  Read MORE at Wattree.

eric wattree

Eric Wattree