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Bill Jones

*(Via LA Times) – For decades Bill Jones has photographed Hollywood celebrities walking down the red carpet for African American magazines and newspapers.

Now some of those celebrities are planning to roll out their own red carpet for the 78-year-old to thank him for making them look good all these years.

The affair, planned for Nov. 29 at Spago in Beverly Hills, is a fundraiser to help pay for future surgery that Jones requires because of a 1997 attack, organizers say. Jay Z, Will and Jada Smith and Cedric the Entertainer are among the many celebrities who have been invited.

While washing his car, Jones was brutally beaten with a baseball bat by a neighbor in what authorities said was an unprovoked attack. When he emerged from a monthlong coma, skull fractures left him paralyzed on his right side. He was initially unable to walk, and his speech was slow and labored. The assailant was arrested and sentenced to life plus 13 years in prison.

After months of rehabilitative therapy, Jones was able to resume work with Jet, Ebony and Sister 2 Sister magazines and newspapers such as the L.A. Watts Times, the Wave and L.A. Focus. Because of the paralysis, he is unable to clench anything in his right hand and is forced to operate his 35mm cameras left-handed.

“Recovery has been painful,” Jones said. “But I never thought my career was over. I walk with a limp now and I can’t open my right hand. But I’m still working.”

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