chante moore (tv one)*Singer Chante Moore, star of the hit TV One reality show “R&B Divas: LA,” wants co-star and former friend Kelly Price to stop telling lies.

After saying she was too “booked” to do the original project “Not Your Mama’s Monologues,” with Chante, Lil Mo, Michel’le and Claudette Ortiz, Chante wonders how Kelly ended up having enough time to do a version of the show with just Dawn Robinson – on the same day they were all set to do it. As a result, two different monologue shows happened.

“It’s just kinda weird that she was too busy to do ours, but they did it the same night,” Chante told Sister 2 Sister.

Although the ladies taped the season 1 reunion weeks ago, Chante says the event didn’t bring them together.

“I think if people would tell the truth, things would be better, but people didn’t tell the truth,” said Chante; who has doubts about Kelly’s story about the jar of Vaseline and Timberland boots she brought along to one memorable “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” rehearsal.

“If they were props, who was told to bring props? She wasn’t even participating in the rehearsals yet. She didn’t even do part of any monologue, any rehearsal, any practice, any warm-up at all,” reasoned Chante who pointed out that Kelly failed to offer that as an explanation for bringing the questionable items along.

“If that was your props, did she take that out in her ‘Not Your Mama’s Monologues’? Did she even use those [items in the production]?” Chante wondered.

While many viewers are Team Chante, there were some, including Dawn, who sided with Kelly when she wanted to bring her own director onto the project.

Kelly initially seemed too busy with other projects to even give her full attention to the monologues. So Chante and others moved forward with the director who was there to guide them.

Chante expressed that there was enough time for Kelly to hire her own director before rehearsals even began.

“There was at least 12 days from the time she knew that there was going to be a Fred to the time she actually came to rehearsal to change anything if that’s what she was going to do. If it was her ‘baby’ for real, the baby wouldn’t have ate for 12 days. Baby wouldn’t have had a diaper change. Baby wouldn’t have had a name. Baby wouldn’t have had nothing, if it was Kelly’s baby for that long without giving it attention,” she said.

Since Kelly missed the first rehearsals, Chante reasoned that it would’ve been easier for her to jump on the moving train with the ladies rather than come in and slow down the project that was already being rushed.

“You want us to start again with someone we don’t know who to me is not even qualified… What we had to do was be respected. We had to be taken into account, that we count at all, that we matter at all and then, stop lying,” she said.

Chante explained that she never imagined the monologues would happen without Kelly, but she was pleased with the end product.

“They did come out like I thought they would. They’re just not with everybody I thought they would be with. I thought she would be a part of it,” said Chante. “She was always going to be a part of whatever it was. That was always a given to me, but I didn’t expect things to turn out the way they did.”