chris-paulcrop*After about 18 months of struggle and turmoil, the National Basketball Players Association/NBPA has elected Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul , to lead them forward.

On Wednesday Paul, also known as CP3, was elected president of the NBPA after previously acting as a vice president.

Amongst all the drama, Paul replaced Derek Fisher. Fisher was there through all the controversy including the February firing of Billy Hunter, the union’s longtime executive director, public squabbles and lawsuits, including Hunter’s lawsuit against the NBPA and Fisher in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“I think I have a lot of experience, being around and knowing what’s going on,” Paul said Wednesday. “Moving forward is not about me or any one person. It’s about the players as a whole. It’s going to take a lot of work, but we have a great executive committee, a great group of guys who are ready to move forward.”

Paul hadn’t even settled in good before he started putting together a list of players’ demands to take to the NBA, TMZ is reporting.

Players went with CP3 because they feel he’s bold enough and has enough clout to effectively take on the league.

Paul is reportedly taking his new role very seriously and is already talking to players about his agenda, which includes:

— Preparing a battle plan to fight any league proposal for HGH testing
— Eliminating flopping fines
— Forbidding any dress code additions/changes

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