rich & poor condo bldg*In New York City a new condo building is the center of controversy because it will feature separate entrances for its tenants.

Yes, we’re talking one for the well heeled and one for the not-so well heeled. In fact the entry for the latter is being called the “poor door.”

The poor will use a separate door under plans for a new Upper West Side luxury tower — where affordable housing will be segregated from ritzy waterfront condos despite being in the same building.

Manhattan developer Extell is seeking millions in air rights and tax breaks for building 55 low-income units at 40 Riverside Boulevard, but the company is sequestering the cash-poor tenants who make the lucrative incentives possible.

Five floors of affordable housing will face away from the Hudson River and have a separate entrance, elevator and maintenance company, while its market-rate condominiums will overlook the waterfront.

“You know that show ‘Downton Abbey’? Where the servants have to come and go through separate entrances and bow their heads when they see a noble?” wrote the author behind the blog West Side Rag. “Well, there could soon be a version right here on the Upper West Side!”

The building will have 219 condos with starting prices of $1 million, and 55 subsidized rental units, on lower floors, beginning at $845 a month. The developer designed two entrances and elevators, one for renters and the other for owners.

So what’s up with a building for rich and poor folks, you may be asking? You see, offering low-income housing in the luxury building earned the developer tax breaks from the city. Applicants for the low-income housing in the building need to make less than 60 percent of the median income of $51,450.

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