paula deen*Although Paula Deen has lost support for many of her sponsors and much of the public, polls show that she is still popular among Georgia Republicans.

Public Policy Polling show the Deen has a 73% favorability rating with Georgia Republicans despite her recent controversy involving the use of the n-word.

She admitted to using the “n word” during a suit filed against her from a former employee which accused Deen and her brother Bubba of  “violent, sexist, and racist” behavior. It also didn’t help when she said she wanted a “Southern plantation-style” theme wedding for her brother complete with all-black waitstaff.

After this admission, mostly all of her sponsors pulled out including the Food Network.

According to the PPP, her favorability is markedly higher than another famous southerner – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He garnered 59% favorability among self-identified Republicans in the state.

Check out the full poll here.

martin luther kingIn other news, there is word that Paula Deen may be joining “Dancing With the Stars.” confirmed that the chef is in talks with the network to join the 17th season of the dance competition.

Their interest came before her controversy with using the racial epithet.

A source close to the show told that they heard Deen had passed on the opportunity.

Her reps have not yet replied to requests for comment.