johnny gill“Can you imagine some old white motherf*cker whippin’ my ass? He got a better chance of Hitler comin’ back!”– Johnny Gill

*When EUR’s Lee Bailey got crooner Johnny Gill on the phone to inquire further about the story circulating that some old white man had beat his arse, no one was more surprised to hear it than Johnny.

“I just started getting phone calls from everybody saying ‘Hey, I heard you got beat up. Is it something that I don’t know about,’ he tells Bailey.

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It appears the story is just now picking up steam due to timing. Read on.

“A couple of years ago, I was out with friends for dinner and this white guy comes over and he’s plastered and I’m talking with one of my girlfriend’s friend … she’s Caucasian, and he starts making some comments … I looked at him like, ‘you talkin’ to me?’ [then] jumped up to, you know, get in his ass and one of my friends who was at the table jumps up too and he grabs me and pulled me back to not hit this guy … I tripped over a heat lamp at the hotel,” Gill states.

He says he went to the hospital later because his shoulder was hurting and the doctors said his shoulder was “dislocated.” The singer then contacted the Four Seasons Hotel to relay what happened; and asked them to pay the hospital costs because he had gotten injured on their property. They refused and his lawyer encouraged him to file a lawsuit.

“So nothing ever happened. A fight never took place…” Gill confirms.

Security was nowhere to be found during the incident, where he was having dinner with friends before the interruption. Guards did, however, show up later, after everything had calmed down.

Johnny had some choice words during this exclusive interview.

JG: “There’s a lot of things in life that can happen, but getting my ass beat by a white boy ain’t one, I can assure you” he adds, after Bailey asks for clarification.

LB: So this must be an old, white guy.

JG: Yeah, so can you imagine some old white motherf*cker whippin’ my ass? He got a better chance of Hitler comin’ back!”

Apparently, the case was filed in 2010, but was extended; and now comes up due to the Statute of Limitations.

Bailey, unable to suppress his laughter (and his uncanny ability to not mince words) encouraged Gill to take it all with a sense of humor before adding, “it did make you sound kind of soft.”

JG: Gill was adamant with his expletives, “There’s a lot of sh*t that can take place, but getting’ my ass beat by anybody that’s gonna be a slim one to none.”

Meanwhile, Johnny is happy to be back in the studio working on a solo project. He’s also on the road a lot, and will be recording a new album project with his LSG partner Keith Sweat and the late Gerald Levert‘s father, the legendary Eddie Levert, in the near future. Johnny’s publicist, Kita Williams, reminded him that he will also be performing at the upcoming 11th annual BB Jazz Festival in Huntington Beach, CA on September 8. For more info on that event, go here:

Listen to the FULL interview between Johnny Gill and EUR’s Lee Bailey: