Teck-Holmes*Television host and former reality TV star Teck Holmes and “Burn Notice” star Eric Bivens-Bush have partnered up to launch a new movement called “Black Tie Week.”

Black Tie Week was created in an effort to change the perception of Black men in America and get people to continue speaking out on the inequality in the criminal justice system after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Holmes and Bush aim to make a visible statement from Sept. 3 – 8, 2013, by having Black men, young and old, wear suits.

“The Trayvon Martin case has inspired the men to come together to encourage a solution for improving the public perception of Black Americans. How a person dresses is how they are perceived. Black Tie Week brings our entire community together to change the perception of young black men,” said Holmes, who hosts Cartoon Network’s game show “Hole in the Wall.”

A group of Black Hollywood talent has come together for the campaign including Wesley Jonathan, Edwin Hodge Shawn Carter Peterson, Aldis Hodge, Nicholas “The World Famous N.I.C.” Demps, Dennis L.A. White, Malik Barnhardt, Toryan Rogers and director/writer Terry Gingles, according to a report in Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAlist.

The Black Tie Week photo campaign was shot by photographer Lanisha Cole and there were also contributions by makeup artist Hanna Morrow and publicist Sherise Ford.

The week-long Black Tie Week tribute campaign aims to raise the national consciousness of the devastating racial profiling problem in the United States, and to recognize the ongoing commitment to addressing the urgent needs of our African-American youth.

For additional details on the campaign, go to www.BlackTieWeek.com.

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