kelly price (screenshot)*Season 1 of R&B Divas: L.A. is over and Kelly Price is ready to set the record straight.

Following the Reunion Special, she sat down withEURweb associate Cherise Nicole ( for a thorough discussion on what really happened during the filming of the show.

During this series of interviews, Kelly discussed What happened in Las Vegas with the Broadway In The Hood Premiere, What went wrong with Fred and how they’ve progressed, The treatment that she received behind the scenes, What really happened with the monologues, If she wants to reconcile with Chante Moore, the possibility of a R&B Divas Tour and if she plans to return for Season 2 of R&B Divas: L.A. .  But, first…Part 1 of the Interview addresses the infamous Boots, Vaseline and a Straight Edge incident.

Kelly wants the viewers to know her side of the story.  It is up to you to determine what and who you believe.

kelly price and cherise nicole boots and vaselineHere are a few excerpts from the interview:

On the infamous straight edge threat:

“There was no straight edge.  The only thing I can say to that is if you go back and watch the moment,  You see me pull the Vaseline out, you see me pull the boots out. You don’t even see my face when the word straight edge comes out because, not only did I not have a straight edge that day, I didn’t say straight edge that day.  But, it was me that said straight edge.  It was a separate conversation where I was talking about what my props were going to be in the monologue. So, that was an audio clip that was edited.  And I’ve avoided using the word edited because everybody goes so ham when they say you scream editing.  But that was editing at it’s finest, or maybe not?”

Watch The Boots and Vaseline moment below (32:00 – 33:30):

On the production company and some of the Divas perpetuating that she is violent:

“What they say now, is literally whether or not they decide to perpetuate something that is not true and I just have to go hard on saying that it is a lie.  And I don’t want to call anybody else a liar but if they’ve agreed to perpetuate that then there’s really nothing else to say.  Because when you’re talking about trying to say that I am the kind of person that if I decide that I don’t like a person or I’m upset with a person that I could bring myself to a point to slice them or cut them or stab them.  And that is irresponsible to me.  That’s irresponsible on the part of any other artist that would agree to perpetuate that.  That’s irresponsible on the part of any network that would perpetuate that.  That’s irresponsible on the part of any production company that would edit that or perpetuate that. Because I am still a working woman in this business. And I have to be able to work by my name and my reputation.  So, when you tell somebody that I am the type of person that would go out and stab somebody or cut somebody, if I can’t have my way? That’s crazy! That’s not even..she snapped!  That’s saying I can’t have my way, so I was going to cut somebody over it!”

Watch Part 1 of the interview below: