skin*All skin must not be treated equally, says Dr. Michael Tick, skin expert at The Institute of Skin Sciences and founder of Eimi.

Beauty isn’t just skin deep, the doctor says. There’s a serious science behind it all that sometimes isn’t emphasized in skin care.

According to Tick, men and women have different skin textures and therefore skin treatment should be different.

Men have higher testosterone in their bodies and as a result their skin is 25 percent thicker than a woman’s. Additionally, men’s skin is tougher and consists of more collagen. But po’ things, after puberty, men tend to have long lasting acne.

“Because collagen content is directly related to the signs of skin aging, it has been said a woman’s skin is about 15 years older than a man’s of the same age. However, men are less sun savvy than women, meaning they don’t use sunscreens, and could contribute to why the ‘15 year’ skin age difference is not readily noticed. UV damage from the sun can add years to a man’s skin.”

Basically, women tend to age (visually) faster than men because of skin composition. So ladies, get on that healthy eating tip ASAP while your skin is still supple and youthful.

And here’s an argument for unshaved pits and legs. One major difference most are pretty much aware of is that men have more body hair than women and therefore the skin is better protected from harmful bacteria and other skinnemies (you like that? we’re trademarking that word).

“It’s important for us to realize these important differences between the skin of a man and the skin of woman,” says Tick.  “These differences are important in developing skin care products, for example odor control is more difficult in males than in females, because of the presence of body hair and the increased production of sweat and of sebum. Facial stinging is also more prevalent in women and therefore we must test facial products and cosmetics more rigorously for sensitive skin in women. Less collagen in female skin combined with thinner skin means a larger anti-aging market for women. Lastly, the increased subcutaneous fat in women means that the market for the development of cellulite treatment is almost completely confined to this group.”

Though the differences are important, the doc recommends that both men and women be wary of purchasing skin products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate. Instead, look for cleansers that are alkaline based and those with higher pH. Lower pH on the skin helps cultivate more acid on the skin.

Check out more tips for him and her below.

For Him

Use products that have ingredients that cause better circulation such as:

–  Menthol

–  Tea tree oil

–  Camphor

–  Eucalyptus

Use products with higher molecular structure to protect the larger pores:

–  Evening Primrose Oil

–  Borage Oil

–  Flax Seed

–  Milk Thistle

Use products that have ingredients to tone the skin:

–  Witch Hazel

–  Aloe Vera

Use products that have ingredients causing a reparative process:

–  Chinese Red Root

–  Comfrey

–  Golden Seal

–  Gotu Kola

For Her

Use cleansers that contain ingredients that “pull” the daily dirt off the skin and out of the pore as opposed to abrasively rubbing, brushing and peeling the skin:

–  Bay Laurel

–  Cucumber

–  Sage

–  Parsley

Do not use any toner – it will roughen women’s skin!  Use tightening serums that contain:

–  Collagen (preferably “plant” collagen)

–  Grape Seed Extract

–  Hawthorne Berry Extract

–  Green Tea Extract

–  Willow Herb Extract

Use moisturizing/reparative creams containing:

–  Aloe Vera

–  Calendula

–  Vitamin E (Tocopherol)

–  Elastin protein

–  Hyaluronic acid