Michel’le*Former Death Row singer Michel’le will talk to Wendy Williams about her fake marriage to Suge Knight during part 1 of the “R&B Divas: LA” reunion on Wednesday.

Michel’le says she didn’t realize that her marriage to Knight wasn’t legal.

“A fake marriage is when you don’t go in front of no priest or no whoever…the man with the black robe,” Michel’le explained to a baffled Wendy. “I didn’t know that when you’re in prison, you can’t get married over the phone. Guess who told me the truth? The Judge, the IRS and the FBI.”

The singer says their union was also in question because Suge wasn’t legally divorced at the time like he claimed.

“He gave me some dummy paperwork on his divorce ’cause I’ve never been married. So, I didn’t know what that is, but what it was a dissolution of [marriage],” she told Bossip.com.

Suge and his estranged wife were living completely separate lives, which is the reason Michel’le said she never questioned Suge’s alleged divorce.

“She doing what she doing and he doing what he doing. What was I supposed to think?” she reasoned.

She admitted that she was so desperate for love that she couldn’t walk away from Suge or Dr.Dre, with whom she also has a child. Both men provided her the attention she always longed for.

“Sometimes you have to go back and figure out, ‘Why did I take that? Why did I stay there?…’” she said. “One thing they were saying to me was, ‘I love you.’ People can say what they want to and judge me… Even if you want to call me an idiot, okay, but I thought that they loved me. I think Dre loved me. I can say that about Dre. I think that he loved me.”

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