nene & gregg leakes (wedding pic)*On NeNe Leakes’ wedding spin-off “I Dream of NeNe,” we can definitely expect a good amount of shout matches and shade.

While weddings are usually a happy occasion, there can often be a lot of drama behind the scenes while making the day special; especially for an “ATL housewife.”

On the spin-off we’ll be treated to battling bridesmaids, feuding family members, and over the top wedding planners.

The first trailer from the show indicates that NeNe had to get a few people in check before the big day.

“I Dream Of NeNe” is set to debut September 17 at 9 p.m. on Bravo!

Check out the video below, where fans will get a peek at NeNe’s former wedding planner; who attempted to slap her with a lawsuit.