LM_840*Back in the day, children’s clothes were simply designed for economical practicality. But in the past decade or so, the little ones have been getting a little more attention and catered to for style.

We’ve got little, baby Camrons and Diddys running around, sometimes looking more fashionable than the parents responsible. But it’s not just about keeping the kids warm anymore. Clothing on a child has become a contest, a trend and a representation of a parent’s style and status.

Newly launched clothing brand, Dillonger is a children’s luxury line that keeps the babies in the best one-of-a-kind threads.

Dillonger Clothing founder Latoia Fitzgerald describes the inventive line as a “journey into a world of young jet setters with lots of character.”

Targeting young trendsetters and the world’s next in entertainment, the clothing line offers avant-garde designs that could make some adults jealous.

“We’re thrilled to bring on fresh and novel brands, especially with a ‘twist’ such as Dillonger Clothing that targets children,” states MSM Founder Krystle Coleman.

With a number of celebrity children, industry tastemakers and more pushing the brand forward, Dillonger is quickly emerging as one of fashion’s leading brands, particularly for children.

Capitalizing on the need to express individuality and style, Dillonger has invested in setting the platform for child creativity through clothing, while embracing the element of practicality.

Style exudes through raw and fresh designs, blending durable and trendy fabrics, as each piece is crafted with those special details so that your child’s clothing radiates distinction and remains as memorable as his childhood experiences.

Dillonger Brand Clothing is designed for comfort and versatility and to inspire confidence and greatness in the children of our future.

Now, dress up the kids in something you wouldn’t mind wearing. They represent you anyway, right?

Tell us what you think about the brand and kids fashion in general.