nick-cannon-black-ryan-seacrest-the-jasmine-brand-interview1*In a recent interview with media partner,, Nick Cannon chatted about Ryan Seacrest comparisons, his health and if he competes with his wife, Marhiah Carey, at home.

Check out a few excerpts:

On being referred to as the ‘Black Ryan Seacrest’:

Black ‘Ryan Seacrest” – is that what you’re about to say? Hey, he and I earn the same amount of money so I see why they compare – I mean, I love Ryan. I tell everybody that I’m way more talented than Ryan Seacrest though. I ain’t saying much but….

On how his health currently is:

My health is good! I mean, I’m feeling alright! I hope I look alright? That’s all that matters. The doctor said that I’ve got a clean bill of health so we’re rocking.

If he and his wife are competitive, both working in the entertainment industry:

No, we ain’t competitive at home. We’re just about having a good time as a family. You know what I mean? I’m my wife’s No. 1 fan and vice-versa and we just embrace whatever projects that we’re – each other’s working on, whenever we can fit in. That’s how we do and a lot of time if it’s just support, then that’s more than enough.

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