lebron james*When you’re a king, getting a police escort comes with the territory.

But what if you’re not a real king, as in the sovereign ruler of a nation, but you are the king of basketball and your name is KING JAMES, would you still qualify to get a police escort through traffic in Miami?

Hell yes. But not officially, of course.

According to TMZ, LeBron James has got police departments in South Florida disavowing any involvement with the police escort LBJ got to a concert Friday night.

The gossip outlet says it spoke with several police agencies including  Miami City PD, Miami Gardens PD, Florida Highway Patrol, and Miami-Dade PD and they all said , on the record, that it was not one of their cruisers leading LBJ to the Jay Z/Justin Timberlake show on Friday night.

LeBron posted an Instagram video of himself riding behind the police car with its strobe lights flashing as they drove down the wrong side of the road.

However, several law enforcement sources kept pointing us back to Miami-Dade PD, claiming that would be the agency with jurisdiction at Sun Life Stadium, where the concert was held.

While Miami-Dade initially denied involvement … an officer with the agency now tells us they are “investigating” because LBJ’s escort would’ve been a break from protocol.

The officer/spokesperson also noted that dignitaries typically make a written request for a police escort before an event, but they have none from James.

Well, duh, he doesn’t need one. He’s KING JAMES!

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