Oprah Winfrey*Oprah Winfrey has refrained not only from using not the N-Word, but the B-Word as well.

Oprah had a chat with HipHollywood to do press for “Lee Daniel’s The Butler” where she opened up about having to mutter the B-word during a pivotal scene in the film.

“I don’t think I’ve ever used the B-word,” said Winfrey. “I’ve never called anybody a B*tch my whole life, so it was kinda fun.”

During a table scene in the movie, Winfrey’s character, Gloria Gaines called Carol, played by Yaya Alafia, “a trifling ass bitch!”

Although Winfrey says using that word was somewhat fun, she still holds the same feelings towards the use of the N-Word. She hopes the film can help African Americans gain a better understand of their history and where they come from.

“In order to continue to move forward in life you have to know who you are,” explains Winfrey. “You have to literally have a root and a foundation of knowing … and to celebrate and to honor.”

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” is in theaters August 16.