jet mag - oprah winfrey - august 12, 2013*“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” marks the first feature film for Oprah is 15 years … if you don’t count her voice acting role in Disney’s “Princess and the Frog.”

The 59-year-old media mogul and actress is on the cover of the August 12 issue of Jet Magazine’s  to talk about this milestone and much more.

Jet’s editor-in-chief, Mitzi Miller, got Oprah to open up about her upcoming film, the real reason OWN had such a disappointing start, why she hasn’t done more to help the African American community and feelings about other celebs trying to take her crown.

“The biggest fallacy on earth is that you can be anything that you want to be. You can only be what you were meant to be.” In other words, you can keep trying — but it’s not going to happen.

“Interviewing Oprah was an amazing experience,” Miller told The Huffington Post. “I expected Ms. Winfrey to be insightful but her candor and wit made our conversation that much more fun. She didn’t shy away from my hard questions or pull any punches in return. I continue to be inspired by her.”

Along with Oprah’s candid feature comes 7 life lessons that she says have helped her become the first Black female billionaire.

Jet Magazine featuring Oprah on the cover goes on sale today, August 12.