r kelly & k michelle*Akini Jeffrey from the ATL’s The Streetz 94.5’s “Morning Grind Show” hosted by @RashanAli … checked in with us.

He told us that the Pied Piper odf Soul, R. Kelly, dropped by the station a few days ago. And of course they put him on the spot.

Rashan mentioned that K Michelle wanted to play her new album for him personally and it immediately struck a nerve in him. Seems like it made him kind of nervous

So just what is the deal between R-ruh and K. Michelle? Inquiring minds gotta know.

“We had a few sessions, with drinks included, she said that she was single, we had a few more drinks, I got drunk, one thing led to another and I woke up and they told me that I had a very good time.”

Oh really, R-ruh. HEAR it for yourself: