2 chainz mugshot*You can chalk Thursday, August 22, 2013 up as a bad day for rapper 2 Chainz because he was busted for “interfering with the police process.”

The incident went down late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning in Oklahoma City. 2 Chainz’ tour bus was stopped And pulled over, according to police, because its taillights were out. If you think you know what the police’s reaction was, and if you guessed they noticed signs of drug use, you’d be correct. However, when police tried to board the bus, the driver wouldn’t let them. He insisted that they get a warrant. And they did.

Hours later the police entered the bus and arrested 11 passengers for “interfering with the police process,” including 2 Chainz.

It’s unclear if they face additional charges, or whether police found drugs.

2 Chainz tweeted, “This sh*t will make u go crazy, our bus gets pulled 1 a week and they always say I smell weed I need to search ur bus. Sh* gets tiring”

Law enforcement sources told TMZ drugs WERE found on the bus, but they wouldn’t specify what kind, or how much.

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