terri vaughn pic*Terri J. Vaughn co-stars alongside Chad Coleman, Jamie Hector, Robbie Tate Brickle and Tami Roman in new DVD film, “Love, Life, Soul” as “Tiffany,” a single mother raising a daughter. The film is now out on DVD and being sold at various retailers including WalMart.

Terri took the time to talk with us about her role along with the reality the film highlights as well as working with Tami Roman, whom she says gives an outstanding performance. From teen pregnancy, absentee fathers, and wresting with demons, “Love, Life, Soul” is this year’s touching Black American story.

Tell me about your role in “Love, Life, Soul.”
I play the role of a mother of a teenage daughter who is a single parent, well, co-parenting with my ex husband. We’ve been able to keep her on the straight and narrow. She gets great grades, she’s college bound. And then she gets a boyfriend and she gets pregnant while still in high school. So, I’m just a mother who is completely disappointed and disturbed by the situation. And we have to work it out as a family.

Why did you take the role?
Because I love what the story is and I love playing a character that has to deal with this complex situation. The most important person in your life has completely disappointed you and in my eyes has just created a huge obstacle in her own life.

And being able to play a role where I have to deal with a plethora of emotions from a situation like that is very interesting to me. And I love playing characters that have complexity and have to deal with a lot of emotion. I loved it.

Tell me what it was like working on the set with a reality star, Tami Roman?

Well actually, Tami I’m not sure if she never did have aspirations of pursuing acting. I met her a long time ago before she was ever on the reality show. And to be honest, I was really surprised to see her on the reality show. When I met her, it was a completely different type of environment, so we’ve always been cool. She was amazing in this film. Her acting is going to surprise a lot of people. I’m not a huge supporter of reality shows, but I am a supporter of great work and she put it down in this film.\

What’s the message of the movie and why is it a story that needs to be told?
We’ll it’s a story of a young guy, a teenage kid that loses his mother and brother in a car accident. And he is forced to live with a father whom he does not have a relationship with. And I think it’s important to be able and interesting to watch two men, the father and son, be forced in the situation where they have to get to know each other, they have to deal with their demons and all their issues to come to a common ground of father and son relationship. I love that that’s what the story is about. I love that’s what we have to see these two men having to deal with each and find a way to have a relationship

Find a way to have a relationship because that’s what you have to do as a parent whether you are an in-house parent or out-of-house parent, our responsibility is to develop a relationship and take care of our children. And to watch this man have to deal with this, given his own issues and the things that he’s going through himself, and to be forced to face his fatherhood and having to deal with it. Chad is an amazing actor, who plays the dad. And watching him deal with this and watching it unfold, I was so happy that I said yes to this film because the performances are so amazing.