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Imhotep Gary Byrd

*Ken “Spider” Webb and BulLion Foundation to Host Webb-A-Thon for Imhotep Gary Byrd and son Khamit  ( this Saturday, Aug. 17th /10 a.m.-10 p.m.  “live” from the Harlem State Office Building (Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. and 125th Street, NYC

Imhotep has been active in the broadcast business for well over 40 years and has had major broadcasting impact internationally, particularly, in New York City, the nation’s number one radio market starting with WWRL-AM New York in the early 1960’s.

Imhotep Gary Bryd has always responded quickly in coming open-handed with resources to numerous community organizations and individuals during his tenure, when needed.

Khamit currently suffers from a debilitating condition involving  diabetic macular edema (a complication of type 1 diabetes) and “off label” medical use of a non approved FDA drug,threatening his vision and quality of life. We are answering the personal emergency request of Gary to “care” and thus we are reaching out to you. We are raising funds for Khamit to receive advanced “Stem Cell therapy” which appears to be his best hope for overcoming his circumstances
It’s now our turn to join Imhotep in dealing with this imperative health issue that he and his son face.  Personally, sharing a similar crucial issue with one of my children, I can appreciate how much it means for those around me to really ‘care’. Therefore, I would like to join Imhotep Gary Byrd and a host of personal friends at a special event in support of his son Khamit

Ken “Spider” Webb: For more information and to make a donation, please go to: or simply Google (You Caring: Gary Byrd) – Note:  (No dot com necessary).


Tune in to: to view Ken and Imhotep as they are joined by special co-hosts and celebrity guests.

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