miley cyrus teddy bears*Apparently the reason Miley Cyrus failed to make an appearance at her own VMA after-party on Sunday was because she was in the studio working on a “Black Skinhead” remix with Kanye West, according to the New York Post.

“Black Skinhead” was the first official single off West’s album, “Yeezus,” and the lyrics touched on America’s racial politics. West describes America as a place where people “see a black man with a white woman at the top floor” and “come to kill King Kong” and rips Catholics and “conservative Baptists” for fearing him “claiming I’m overreacting like them black kids in Chiraq”; “Chiraq” being a combination of Chicago and Iraq, is a reference to the high levels of violent crime in the city.

West’s label had no info about the rumor about the pair collaborating on the remix.

Some may say that adding Cyrus to the track might add more to debate about the singer’s use of black culture. Her raunchy performance at the VMAs and use of black women as props seemed to be an aid to 20-year-old Cyrus’ transformation from Disney starlet to molly lobbyist.