lester chambers*Remember the woman who attacked 73-year-old singer Lester Chambers while he was onstage last month? Well she has officially been charged for the attack.

While playing at a Northern California blues festival on July 13, 43-year-old Dinalynn Andrews-Potter rushed the stage and attacked Lester after he dedicated a song to the late Trayvon Martin. Now, Andrews-Potter has been charged with felony counts of assault and elder abuse.

According to authorities, Chambers was performing “People Get Ready” directly following the George Zimmerman acquittal when Andrews-Potter shouted something and shoved the singer into an amplified.  Chambers ended up on the ground with bruises and swelling.

Although Chambers and his family pushed for the woman to be charged with a hate crime, authorities maintained that her motives were unclear.

Andrews-Potter told police she had a stress disorder and a repetitive part of the song caused her to snap. It wasn’t clear if she had an attorney.