It’s hard enough to get your guy to come with you to musicals period, but when you throw in titles like “Legally Blonde: The Musical” and “Mamma Mia!,” you can pretty much forget it. However, if you are able to work out a deal where you go to such-and-such sporting event in exchange for his accompaniment to the theater, these top shows are sure to satisfy you both.

The Book of Mormon

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about those well-dressed young guys knocking on your door without actually having to answer it, now is your chance! The musical follows two Mormon missionaries on a Uganda-based mission, who aim to convert residents to their religion. The missionary duo features Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, the former being the typical bright eyed and bushy tailed type and the latter being the awkward nerd that somehow manages to mess everything up.

Why you’ll both love it: “The Book of Mormon” boasts nine 2011 Tony Awards and a nod from The New York Times claiming it’s “the best musical of this century!” Written by the creators of South Park, the show features fast, explicit humor that he’ll definitely appreciate, with a touching underlying message that leaves every viewer feeling fulfilled.

The Book of Mormon

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The Lion King

A Disney classic probably won’t initially catch his eye when scanning tickets for Broadway shows, but this classic musical isn’t just for kids. Based off of the Academy Award-winning Disney film of the same name, “The Lion King” follows a young lion prince living in the African Pride Lands. After the death of his father, king Mufasa, Simba seeks refuge away from the Pride Lands, discovering two unlikely friends along the way. With the Pride Lands unraveling in his absence, Simba is left with the responsibility to conquer his uncle Scar and take on his kingly destiny.

Why you’ll both love it: “The Lion King” is one of those bucket list performances — as in, if you only see one musical in your entire life, this should be it. The story itself is practically Shakespearean, and the costumes and effects are enough to leave audience members in awe.

The Lion King, Mini Musical

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Rock of Ages

Relive the fashion faux pas and anti-authority attitude of the ’80s rock scene, which comes as a love story in disguise in “Rock of Ages.” Typical leather-clad bad boy Stacee Jaxx draws in young, starry-eyed groupies with his Styx-inspired melodies. Aspiring rock star Drew teams up with Jaxx and small town girl Sherri to conquer German developers that want to tear down their rock and roll haven to build a strip mall. Music from Journey, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and others hold the key to keeping rock and roll alive.

Why you’ll both love it: Generation X couples will especially enjoy the nostalgia of this party-hardy era, but anyone who appreciates big hair and rock and roll can get behind the musical’s overall message. He’ll love the cool heavy metal tunes, and you’ll love seeing all those hot, shirtless rock stars in tight leather pants.

rock of ages

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