michael_vick(2011-suit-med-wide1)*Hip hip Hurray for Michael Vick!

Soon he’ll be finished  paying off the $20 million in debts he owes to dozens of creditors to complete the arrangements of his bankruptcy case.

The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk, Va. reports that Vick is close to full payment after being hounded by creditors.

Before going to prison on dog fighting charges, Vick made arrangements to repay the $20 million to his creditors after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback has been working hard to regain his place in the NFL and public eye after his release from prison four years ago.

“It was a problem life dealt me,” Vick told the Pilot about having to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy before going to prison. “The most important thing to me was just to get myself back to doing what I love to do: play football. I was blessed to be able to come out of prison and get my body back in shape to play.”

Although his bankruptcy case is still pending in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Norfolk, Va, according to the Virginian-Pilot, the case will be settled in coming months.

After restructuring his contract with the Eagles, Vick lost millions. But he still looks to make a minimum of $7 million as a starting quarterback and has another endorsement deal with Nike as well as a few other companies.

Vick said he felt obligated to repay his debts. “It was one of my goals.”