allen iverson*Haven’t we seen this picture before?

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has joined the list of used-ta-be rich athletes who are now broke. And broke to the point where he can’t pay child support. At least at the level his ex-wife is demanding.

Iverson, who made a whopping $140 million during his career, is basically saying those days are GONE and he wants his ex to drop her child support demands

TMZ broke the story — Allen’s ex-wife Tawanna Iverson went to court last month, asking a judge to force Allen to pay $1,272,000 into a trust fund for child support.  She wanted the money in a lump sum because she was sick of chasing him every month.

Allen has now filed court docs scoffing at her demand, because he doesn’t have the dough.

Allen says the only steady source of income he has is a Reebok deal.  We don’t know exactly how much he pulls in, but he claims it’s nowhere near enough to meet his ex-wife’s demands.

On top of everything else, Iverson says he resents his Tawanna’s claim that he’s a deadbeat dad. He claims he paid over half-a-million in support in 2013 alone.

The judge has yet to rule.